Tamara Santana

Great images start from passion, and Tamara Santana has loads of it to share with people of all walks of life. This talented and experienced photographer cares about capturing the personality, beauty and essence of her subjects in an earnest and spontaneous way, creating images that are compelling, professional and beautiful. Whether you are looking to immortalize your family, get an amazing portrait of your child or capture memories of an event, Tamara can provide some phenomenal images that you will be proud to display and treasure for a lifetime.

Photography is not just about technique, but also about having a very giving and open personality: With her kind, caring and gentle demeanor, Tamara always knows how to get people to give her their best, coming up with authentic and memorable shots in any given scenario.

Through her work, Tamara doesn't only aim to craft a product up to the highest quality standards, but she does a lot more than that: she captures unique, meaningful moments and turn them into memories to carry on and keep close to your heart.


  • Brooks Institute of Photography, B.A. of Applied Sciences in Photographic Arts
  • Northwestern Michigan, B.A. Commercial Arts
  • Intern, photo workshop for photojournalism, University of Missouri
  • Intern, Westlight, stock photography agency.
  • Getty Images, employed as a researcher of photographic market trends and techniques for three years.
  • Have published photos on book covers, brochures, billboards and magazines in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Has worked on movie and commercial sets photographing behind the scenes

Devin Santana

You can usually find Devin tinkering on his guitar learning new songs to play in his teen rock band at church or making fun videos for his friends and family. If he’s not doing that he’s doing homework or studying for one of the many tests he deals with as a student. Devin’s creative eye comes from a long line of family photographers and filmmakers. The first known photographer in his family was his great, great, great Grandmother back in Hungary who was ahead of her time trekking the mountains using big 8x10 cameras. Devin shows a great understanding of the technical aspects of photography and filmmaking, but his effervescent personality will make you feel at home in front of the camera. His creative use of angles and understanding of light shows his natural flair for visual ingenuity.

Pet Navidad

With Pet the road to success has been his belief, that the road is always under construction. He comes with a wealth of experience from working with companies like Uniden, Texas Instruments and Intel. He has easily been able to apply his knowledge to elevating our corner of the visual world. Pet has taken on the backend technical components of our studio as well as implementing the beautiful output of creative tinctures that make the images become works of art. He has an ability to understand workflow and a knack at finding ways to ease the crunch. When there is a problem to be solved he perseveres at finding the solution like no one I have ever seen. Although in our office, Pet sits on a special throne where his talents are to be kneeled before daily, he is also patient, approachable and exudes a super positive energy that everyone gravitates toward! When he’s not writing code, doing SEO or working on Google Adwords (Last year when he worked as a consultant for another company Google invited him to come to their Venice CA branch to share his methods with them as one of the top 20 companies in the US for high levels of client procurement via these methods.) you can find Pet on his amateur radio under the call sign of N6PET. He enjoys making contact with people around the world and sharing the techniques used to make the hobby stronger and enjoyable on his blog N6PET.com. Relating technical knowledge to this emotional industry wasn’t a stretch for Pet because of his regard for family and time-honored traditions. Pet makes the perfect addition to our team because of his understanding of the importance of working with people going through the beauty of a rite of passage.