Cindy G

Tamara, OK, you just gave me chills again!! I love that you loved your time at the wedding as much as we did. Seriously, I can't tell you how much we appreciated all that you did. I had so many people compliment you that night...don't be surprised if you get called for some more work ;) Thanks again Tamara for all that you did. Hope you guys are settling into the new place...I bet it's GORGEOUS!!! Take care and I'll talk to you soon.

Cate and Cameron H

Dear Tamara, We wanted to thank you for your patience and professionalism in working on our wedding photography. You made it fun and relaxing and we love our gorgeous proofs. It was a magical day and we were thrilled you were a part of it. Sincerely, Cate and Cameron

Kaari H

Tamara, Thank you so much for everything you are doing for me. My parents saw the pictures today and they were in tears they loved them so much. You really are a genius with a camera!!! Thank you again. Talk to you soon.

Elayna R

Tamara, Unfortunately, I am at work an I just had to go through them quickly, but I fell over picture after picture!!! They are the most beautiful things I have ever seen and I will cherish them!!! Let me know the procedures that I need to do to get my album together. Thanks again, I am blown away! I was actually tearing up at some of them...

Lisa K

Tamara Santana is the consummate creative professional. Her photography style is both romantic and playful, and her warm and caring personality is a calming presence on such a crazy-busy day. Tamara is someone who listens to what you really want. I had a very specific shot list and she got them all, plus lots more. I absolutely love my wedding photos, and I am an extremely picky person when it comes to photography. Tamara captured all the key moments that told the story of my wedding. She's comfortable doing formal shots, but is also open to experimentation and creative inspiration. I could rave on, but just look at her portfolio...that's what sold me!

Verna and Alaric A

It was by accident that we discovered Tamara's work while visiting our wedding site. We didn't know anything about her yet then, but we knew we wanted Tamara to photograph our wedding as soon as we saw her sample album. The elegance of her album distinguished it from all the rest. We immediately loved the unique and artistic way she captured those special moments during a wedding. It was an added bonus that Tamara is so friendly and easy to talk to. From the start, she made working with her very easy, even from out-of-town. She asked what we wanted and gave it to us.

Karen and Robert K

I invested a lot of time trying to find the 'right' photographer for my wedding. Even though I'm not a photographer myself, I had a very clear idea of the kind of photographs I wanted and was looking for someone who would be willing to work with me. After viewing a dozen or so different portfolios, I met Tamara. From the moment she introduced herself to me, I knew she would be 'the one'. Her warm, easy-going yet confident personality put me at ease, and truly came in handy on the big day. She was able to catch amazing shots without ever being obtrusive. Her photographs speak for themselves. They capture the essence of precious moments with incredible artistry and warmth. I cannot more highly recommend Tamara Santana.

Teri and Patrick H

Tamara's expertise captured the essence of our wedding with photos having many angles, scenerio's and options to choose from. Her photos are high quality in black and white, color, boders, and awesome hand made photo albums and boxes! She gives her personal attention to the details of your wedding as seen through an experienced wedding artists keen eye! We are lucky to have had the BEST photographer! Thanks Tamara!!!

Jamie A

Tamara captured my fairytale wedding like a dream! The pictures are stunning and her work is just amazing. I couldn't of been more thrilled to have my most special memories captured so brilliantly. She has an amazing talent!

Kristin P

Tamara Santana was more than I could have hoped for on such a memorable day! Her calm and professional demeanor gave me the reassurance, confidence, and attention I needed. Her photography was breathtaking. It was enchantingly artistic as well as straightforward. Out of the 400 photos she took, 399 of them were keepers!

Amy B

Tamara is very sweet. She got some great whimsical shots of the wedding. Smiling for hours on end can be exhausting but she made it fun. She took one picture of my father and myself that captured the moment of love and happiness perfectly and to this day if my father looks at the picture he gets misty eyed.

Jana D

amara did senior pics for me and she was so creative, personable, and fun to work with!! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures - more than what we hoped for! Beautiful memories that we will always treasure.

Angela G

Tamara is an awesome photographer and person. Very friendly, outgoing and makes you feel comfortable enough to have fun while taking your pictures. I love her work and her overall attitude and energy!

Ramona G

There are not enough words to describe Tamara. She is dedicated, hard working and she goes above and beyond to give you what you have asked for. Her pictures are truly beautiful and memorable. She is someone that I would call every time I would like to capture any of our families moments.

Debbie K

Tamara's photos are amazing. I first saw her work hanging in someone else's home. She takes time to get everything just perfect for the right photo. I will continue to use Tamara for all my professional photography needs!

Jennifer P

I hired Tamara to photograph one of my listings (I'm a Realtor). I had several other Realtors ask me for her contact info after they saw the photos. The seller was very pleased with the photos too and even made a comment about how his home looked like it could be featured in a magazine. Tamara was right on time to our appointment and was very professional thought out the entire job. She is very talented and she helped me to sell the property within a few days of being listed. I am officially adding her to my team.

Cindi L

Tamara is fabulous! She photographed my wedding and the pictures were so beautiful. I was wonderful to see the beautiful moments she captured that I was not even aware of! A busy bride can't see everything. Many of my guests commented on how professional and personable she was. I would absolutely hire her to take pictures for future events.

Tracy K.

Tamara did a photo shoot of my family. She is such a professional and very fun to work with. Her creativity shows thru in all aspects of her work. She has such a way of capturing emotion and spirit thru her photos. The pictures she took of us are the best we've ever had.

Robyne R

Tamara did headshots for my daughter Tiffani and those pictures got her quite a few jobs. I find her to be very professional and reasonably price for the excellence in her work.

Rita M

What a beautiful video of Amanda's first pregnancy photo shoot... Thank you SO much Tamara Santana... It's a priceless gift...

Amanda T

My first pregnancy video!!! Watch it!!! It looks amazing!! I can't believe I am already on my 3nd trimester . A special thanks to Tamara Santana for making this happen. The photos are so beautiful.

Rita B

Tamara Santana, you’re beyond an awesome photographer…I can’t believe how comfortable Christopher was taking the pictures…He hates taking pictures… Love you.